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The battle for survival of recyclable cups-revolution for paper cup

The battle for survival of recyclable cups-revolution for paper cup

 Dart, the single-use foam tableware giant, has recently come under fire from environmentalists over accusations that its products pollute the planet, sparking a debate over the survival of disposable foam coffee cups.

 Founded in the 1960s, Dart Company is a family-owned company located in Florida, USA. The company is famous for its production of disposable foam tableware and has created huge wealth. While the company has been wildly successful over the past few decades, environmentalists have recently raised strong questions about the environmental harm of disposable foam cups.

 Environmentalists blame disposable foam cups as one of the main sources of plastic pollution. Disposable foam cups are typically made from polystyrene (PS), a material that takes hundreds of years to break down in nature. Additionally, foam cups are often difficult to recycle, resulting in large amounts of waste in landfills and ocean pollution. These issues have attracted public attention and prompted action by governments and environmental groups.


 It will cause the revolution for a eco-friendly cup like paper cup. Paper cup making machine is getting more and more hot. 

Shunda Machinery has been in this industry since 1998.with developement, their machine could meet the demand for all types of paper cups and containers.

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