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Introduction to Working Principle of Paper Cup Machine

Introduction to Cup Machine

Paper cup machine is a kind of equipment for producing paper cup commodities. It has the functions of multi station operation, automatic paper feeding, sealing, oiling, bottoming, automatic constant temperature heating, knurling, curling, convex rolling, unloading, etc. It is suitable for the production of paper cups, advertising paper cups, ice cream paper cups, coffee paper cups, etc. in the domestic market.


Cam principle of paper cup machine

The production of paper cups is a cyclical process that involves repeatedly repeating the same actions to produce more paper cup products.
This continuous repetitive action of the paper cup machine is accomplished through the cam organization in the paper cup machine. The cam in the cam organization of the paper cup machine performs a rotary motion, driving the follower of the paper cup machine to reciprocate according to certain requirements.
The cam organization of the paper cup machine can enable the follower of the paper cup machine to achieve a more chaotic movement pattern, thereby completing the cycle of cardboard production and meeting the demand for producing more cardboard products.
The cam organization has the characteristics of simple and compact structure and planning, and can fulfill various relatively chaotic motion requirements, which makes it not only excellent for use in paper cup machines, but also plays an important role in other equipment.

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