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Is Coronavirus a challenge or opportunity for packaging industries?

Chinese Spring Festival was a great time for family and good time for the catering and retail industries. However, affected by the new coronavirus, is was a shock for tertiary industries,like catering and tourism. The demand for catering packaging has been fallen sharply.

At this stage,it is not only a challenge, but also a great opportunity for packaging companies. For example, the demand for fast food packaging is very high. Many residents go to market only one times and buy a lot of food raw material for long period. As a result, sales of instant noodles, ham sausage, luncheon meat and other foods have risen against the trend.The demand of these packaging also crazy increased, like boxes/bowl/cups,paper bags,etc.

With all measures taken, we are confidently of fighting the epidemic, after eqidemic is over, will be a new chance for packaging industries.

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